Why You Need a Google+ Business Page

Why You Need a Google+ Business Page

While many people may see Google+ as the red-headed stepchild of the social media world, there are many benefits that make it a very viable social platform for businesses. Google+ may not have nearly as large of an active user-base compared to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter but several key features make it an absolute must have for any company with a focus on local marketing and SEO. Here we have some reasons why your company absolutely needs a Google+ page.

Local Search

Remember when you last Google’ed your favorite local business? It is highly likely that you saw a fleshed out business profile on the right hand side of the SERP including their address, phone number, reviews, photos and map results. This information is actually all taken from their Google+ page. Whether or not they set this up themselves, this information was pulled from their Google+ business listing. What a lot of business owners do not know is that Google, along with several other business directories, will auto generate listings based on information collected by data aggregators. While auto generated listings are relatively bare bones, business owners are allowed to claim these listings. Doing so will open your company up a lot of options for search optimization.

Google Search Engine Results Page

Google Reviews

Online reviews have become an increasingly popular with consumers over the past few years. According to Bright Local, 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know. This shift in popularity for online reviews have helped popular websites like Yelp thrive. Google+ has actually become one of the leading places for consumers to post online reviews. Not only are Google reviews fully integrated with search but businesses can even respond to customer reviews to better encourage an open dialogue. Knowing how to respond to both positive and negative reviews can go a long way in improving your online reputation and rapport with your customers.

Google Maps Results

Along with options for fleshing out your Google+ page with content, claiming your company’s listing also help to include you in Google Maps results that are often displayed above normal search results. This can be done by assigning categories to your page. One useful feature of map results are the star rating that will be displayed next to your company information if you have received five or more Google reviews. This can be a powerful tool for helping your company stand out on the SERP.

Content That Counts

It’s no secret that Google is in love with itself. This is why content posted across any Google-owned service such as Youtube tend to get priority on search. What you may not know is that Google will actually index posts from Google+ and display them on search. This is why it is important to keep your Google+ page populated with content on a regular basis. Along with the benefit of indexable posts, a little additional SEO juice can come from +1’s, Google+’s version of the Facebook “like”. The more +1’s your company receives, the more your posts will positively affect your ranking. While this is unlikely to push you to the top spot, +1’s can be very beneficial for incrementally increasing your company’s SEO footprint.

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