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The Fake Rubber Vomit Principle

We believe that every business is serious business.

Take for example, what we call The Fake Rubber Vomit Principle.

Now, novelty fake rubber vomit may sound ridiculous, and to many it is, but for a lot of people, it was, and is, serious business. ┬áConsider this: one day, while working at a novelty manufacturing company, someone had the idea to create fake vomit in order to satisfy the marketing of pranksters and practical jokers and increase their company’s sales. This person sat in a room with other professionals and pitched their idea to create and market fake barf. Maybe the idea was laughed at originally, but the person with the idea believed in it so passionately that he fought for his vomit to be created.

Engineers got involved, researching what plastic, rubber, and latex materials could create the most realistic looking vomit. Then they had to devise a cost effective way of manufacturing the plastic puke. The staff was brought in as an ad hoc focus group: “Which looks the most like real upchuck?”

The marketing people had to design packaging and advertisements, touting the company’s newest gag. Salespeople hit the road, pitching their chunky discharge on the desks of other business owners.

Fake rubber vomit created an industry! Fake dog and bird poop. Fake soda spills. And then, it started being made in China as cheap imitation knock offs. (You know an industry is legit when it starts being pirated.)

And all the while, this mock regurgitation paid people’s mortgages, allowed them to send their kids to school, helped put groceries on their table. It helped them exist, and succeed, and live The American Dream. Fake vomit was, and is, serious business.

So we take every business, your business, seriously.

We just told you a 275-word story about fake rubber vomit. Good storytelling is what every single company needs and we hope that you suspended your disbelief for 15 seconds because we were talking passionately, and making something so seemingly ridiculous, seem sexy. And vital. And needed. And if we can tell a great story about fake rubber vomit, then imagine what we can do with your brand story!