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Your brand is your most important asset because it communicates who you are and the value provided to your customers

Your website is your digital front door and should be the hardest working member of your team

Quality content connects your brand to your audience while giving them knowledge that they are looking for

People search to find things, and search engine optimization helps make sure your customers find you

Video and animation are master storytellers and a great way to connect with your audience

Photography quickly adds context to your brand message in a way words alone can’t achieve

Great graphic design gives your company a strong brand identity that connects with your target audience

Don’t talk at your customers, connect with them over an online conversation

Give your online presence a boost with solid search engine marketing and an effective pay-per-click strategy

Positively impact your search results with accurate and optimized ranking signals

Turn your data into useful and actionable insights to outshine your competitors and better connect with your customers



A brand is a perception

It is a feeling that surrounds every company, product, and service; it’s an expectation that is reinforced when it is fulfilled, and damaged when it isn’t. DRM can help create, update, or amplify your brand and connect it with your customers. Your brand is your most important asset because it tells your customers who you are, what your mission is, your history, your advantages, and most importantly, the value you provide to them. DRM will help you craft an effective brand strategy that will succinctly convey your competitive advantage and communicate the value your brand provides to your customers.

Logo Design

Brand Design

Web Design


Package Design

Print Marketing

Promotional Materials


Website Design

Working for you, 24 / 7

Your website should be the most productive member of your team, selling for you every hour of the day. It should always:

Be the hub for all information about your company

Connect your brand to your prospects

Reflect the value you provide customers

Be easily found through search engines

Your customers and prospects are finding you online and making judgments about you based on your website. If they don’t like what they see, they are going to go elsewhere. When DRM designs a website for your company, you can expect the following:

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Expertly written, relevant, and search engine optimized copy

A completely custom layout designed from the ground up

Custom graphics created to support your brand.

Full integration with Google Analytics

Optimization of core business listing directories to help build trusted backlinks


content creation

Content is incredibly important to your business because your customers are researching you long before they ever call, email, or stop in to see you.

What is content? It is information of substance that can connect your brand to your audience while giving them knowledge that they are looking for, and making you the expert in that area. Content must always be helpful and useful and must never be “sales-y.” Content works for you in two ways: first, it can add great value to whatever products or services you provide. If your content helps a customer in their buying journey, chances are good they’ll look to you as a potential provider. Second, it provides a lasting online “record” of your expertise. Remember, your customers are researching you, and finding evidence of your expertise can help them feel more comfortable contacting you. Not only does quality content help with customer acquisition and retention but it helps create more indexable content that will increase your company's SEO footprint.

Video Production


White Papers

Print Articles

Social Media Posts




Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the foundation of modern marketing.

People search to find things, and SEO helps make sure your customers find you. We write relevant copy that gets your business found by search engines and attracts relevant site visitors. If it is time to redesign your website, or your current site isn’t attracting the traffic you’d like it to, we can create an SEO-optimized site that attracts relevant users. We will drive both organic search results through a combination of link building, local search, and reputation management to increase your search ranking and be found ahead of your competitors. And when organic SEO isn't enough, we offer PPC strategy and management using Google Ads.

Website Design and Optimization

External Link Building

Local Search Strategy

Content Creation and Optimization

Reputation Management

PPC Advertising


Video Production

Video is a great way to connect with your audience.

Whether you need a company video for your website, a short instructional video for your customers, or a commercial, DRM is your source for high quality video production. Our creative ingenuity mixed with state-of-the-art equipment and an expert team of production specialists will create video that creatively communicates your brand's value. High quality visuals and a gripping narrative will show customers that your company doesn't just look good on paper but in person as well. Video is a great way to add a personal touch to your website. We offer storyboarding, production, direction, and custom animations so we can meet any of your video needs.

Professional Storyboarding, Producing and Directing

Shooting and Editing with the Latest Equipment and Software

Custom Animations to Represent your Brand

SEO Optimization on Youtube / Vimeo

Full Integration with your Website



Photography adds context to your brand message

A softly focused photo can make a romantic view in a sophisticated restaurant seem more inviting. A bright, sharp picture can make a gleaming precision-engineered steel machine component seem sexy. Photography can personalize an intangible service like restaurant consulting or financial services by introducing the people behind the service. Professional photography is a powerful communication tool and can add that extra impact and “oomph” that sets your brand apart from your competitors. An investment in professional photography makes you stand out and helps you connect with your customers on a level far beyond stock photos.

Product Photography

Corporate Photography

Corporate Headshots

Food Photography

Portrait Photography

Editorial Photography

Event Photography

Architecture Photography


graphic design

Make a memorable first impression...and second, and third, with visually consistent and impactful marketing materials.

Great graphic design gives your company a strong brand identity that can quickly convey your competitive advantage and tell potential customers why they should choose you. Great graphic design helps position your business with existing and potential customers, creates positive feelings about your company, creates trust, helps people remember you, and stand out from your competitors. How do we know so much about great graphic design? It’s the only kind we do.

Branding / Corporate Identity

Logo Design

Printed Materials

Web Graphics


Direct Mail Pieces



social media

Social media is a powerful way to connect with your customers

We view social media as a conversation where you both talk to and listen to your customers. DRM has the social media savvy to develop an engagement strategy using Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and / or LinkedIn. We’ll help you connect with your customers and properly optimize your social media, increase your following and post content that will create buzz.

Profile Optimization

Posting Strategy

Post Creation

Content Curating

Follower Building


sem / ppc

Gain visibility on search engines and increase online conversions through the strategic use of paid tactics.

We don’t mean to cause death-by-acronym (DBA) but do you have a solid search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) strategy in place to improve your search engine performance? If your website is ranking low in search engine results, DRM will give your online presence a boost with an effective PPC strategy. With an appropriate budget, we can manage PPC tools such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising and Twitter for Business to help your company generate traffic. DRM's knowledgeable team of PPC experts can work with you to set an appropriate budget and create a strategy that will maximize ROI. These tools aren’t difficult to use, but they are time-consuming to set up, monitor and optimize, and we’re sure you have more productive uses for your time, like focusing on your business. We offer PPC strategies for:

Google Ads

Google Display Network Remarketing

Bing Ads

Facebook Advertising

Twitter for Business

Yelp for Business

Pinterest for Business


business listings

Business listings are a ranking signal that can impact your search results.

Search engine optimization is more than just the words on your website; it is a lot like your credit report, an overall “score” based on many factors compiled from many sources. For search engines, these sources are called ranking signals. Local searches are frequently placed above other results, so it is very important your business listings are accurate because not everyone will get information about your business directly from your website. When these business listing directories display incorrect or outdated information about your business, you lose business! Consumers will move on to your competition if they can’t find your phone number or address, or think you are closed on Tuesday when you really aren’t.


Data and analytics

At DRM, we love data

More to the point, we love turning data into useful and actionable insights. We’ll look at your website analytics and tell you what content and information your audience is consuming, and what pages are just sitting there collecting dust. We’ll look at the market and tell you how you fit in with your competitors and their offerings. We’ll survey your customers and find out what your strengths are, and what we can help you improve. And every month, we’ll sit down with you and tell you how you’re performing. We don’t just throw up data on you, we give detailed explanations of what it means: for your brand, for your goals, and for you.

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