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Show and Tell

We don’t have a creative “process.”

Other agencies may try to sound scientific when they outline their 6-step process, but for us, trying to define how we create great brand stories is like trying to create a mathematical formula for love. Or happiness. Or success. It happens in its own way, on its own schedule, and only after you work really hard at it.

Sometimes the spark of a great idea happens in the shower, or cutting the grass, or during a subtitled foreign film. But much like love, happiness or success, when it happens, boom! You just know it’s going to be great.

In lieu of building a phony process to support how we work, we call what we do Show & Tell.


We show the world how your brand can change their lives for the better; in ways everyone can understand and remember.


We tell the world your story. What makes you unique, what inspires you, how you inspire others, how your product or service solves your customer’s pain points. What you do better than anyone and why your market should choose you as a partner.

What is the common thread with all of your customers and potential customers? They are all human beings, and we will find a way to make that connection between you and them. Is it humor? Logic? Value? We’ll find the answer and build your marketing strategy around your story. Then we’ll help you tell it.

First, we craft a story that creates meaningful connections with your customers. We do this by learning about you and your market, finding out what makes you a perfect choice for them, and telling a story that explains why you should partner. Marketing is storytelling. That’s what we do.

Words and visuals work together to tell the brand story. We’ll align your website, product packaging, tradeshow design, blog, or advertising with words that avoid fake hype and clichés, and sound genuine and real. People can see right through insincerity so your brand story will always be genuine and honest.

Next, we learn about how your customer behaves. What pains do they have? What can you do for them that no one else can? What do they need to hear from you to continue the conversation? Where can you reach them? We will help you create a connection with them and tell them your story.

It may sound simple, because it is. Tell a good story, and people will listen.