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Marketing for the Entertainment Industry

Many years ago, options for entertainment were fairly limited. Large budget movie or television studios would create the majority of the content we would all consume. Movie theaters or cable television would dictate how we’d view this content. Over the past few decades, technology has not only revolutionized what types of entertainment are available to us, but also how we create and consume it.

Movies, television series, streaming video, web series, video games, mobile games, blogs, e-books, live performances… essentially any type of consumable content has exploded in the past decade. It’s a cornucopia of options for the average consumer, but it can also be difficult to discover the best quality entertainment from the thousands of options now on the market.

If you’re a content creator, a content distributor or a content seller, DRM can provide the tools you’ll need to appeal to the eyes you want. Allow your art to be seen!