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Your Rx for Results

In days of yore, a doctor might only be available once a month when he rode through town on horseback. Now, patients can access online medical information in seconds.

What a difference.

The internet has helped patients seeking medical information make more informed choices and is largely a digital journey at their moment of need. In fact, 80% of patients who are diagnosed with an illness go on the web to find information and learn more.

If you’re a hospital, private practice, dental office, chiropractor, psychiatrist or any medical professional, patients are the most important part of your business. We’ll create a holistic online strategy that helps you find and attract clients, including marketing content and social proof, a mobile-friendly website, and online reviews management.

Whether you are the owner of your own practice or a business manager at a large facility, the digital marketing specialists at Dallas Riffle Media can manage your marketing so you can focus on patient care and running your business. We’ll put together a cohesive marketing strategy that will help you build your brand and bring in new customers so you can help your patients stay healthy and well.

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Copywriting & Content Development
  • Online Reviews Management
  • Online Advertising (Pay-Per-Click, Display Ads, etc.)
  • Video Production
  • Radio & Television Advertising
  • Social Media Optimization & Consulting
  • Reputation Marketing