Business Listings

Search engine optimization is more than just the words on your website; it is a lot like your credit report, an overall “score” based on many factors compiled from many sources. For search engines, these sources are called ranking signals.

Search engines are getting smarter every day, and to help searchers find the information they need, they use these pieces of information to help provide the best information possible. Some ranking signals include inbound links, website mobile friendliness, presence of privacy policy and terms and conditions pages, and even grammar and spelling.

Business listings are a ranking signal that can impact your search results.

Local searches are frequently placed above other results, so it is very important your business listings are accurate because not everyone will get information about your business directly from your website. When these business listing directories display incorrect or outdated information about your business, you lose business! Consumers will move on to your competition if they can’t find your phone number or address, or think you are closed on Tuesday when you really aren’t.