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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO then: Keywords.
SEO now: Relevance.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a funny thing. It has evolved, but people haven’t.

It’s common to hear people stuck in the “we need to write copy for a search engine” mindset. “Keywords! Cram in those keywords! The more keywords the better!” That is so last decade. Google is getting smarter. It can understand a lot more than just keywords – it can understand context. Google rewards sites written for people, not machines. It’s all about relevance.

We write relevant copy for people, not machines. And that gets your business found by search engines and attracts relevant site visitors.

Here’s an example. Let’s assume you have an allergy to wheat and want to bake some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. If you go to a search engine, you’ll probably type in, “gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe” or “how do I bake gluten-free chocolate chip cookies?” The results you get will be recipes for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

These long search strings are called long-tail keywords and they produce better conversions than short ones. Here’s why. If you search “cookies,” you’ll get a ton of results for cookie recipes, premade cookies, cookie stores, cookies left by websites, dog cookies, Girl Scout cookies, and on and on. Your results are not relevant. Search on a long-tail keyword, like “gluten-free cookies” and you’ll get more relevant results, but you will also have results for premade cookies, cookie dough, recipes, etc. Searching the most relevant term for your need, “gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe” will produce the most relevant results.

See how relevance works? Long tail keywords = more relevance = better conversions.

Users understand how to use search engines but many site owners are still stuck in the “let’s bid on high-volume keywords” rut. High volume keywords don’t mean high page rankings. In fact, 70% of all daily queries are long tailed, which means that 70% of all Google searches are so specific that they can’t even track them! Every day, 20% of keywords that are searched have never been searched before!

How do you find the “right” keywords? Well, you never will because they are always changing. You get found by being relevant.

If it is time to redesign your website, we can create a mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized site that attracts relevant users. We will drive both organic search results through a combination of link building, local search and reputation management to increase your search ranking and be found ahead of your competitors. And when organic SEO isn't enough, we offer PPC strategy and management using Google AdWords.

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