DRM stands for Dallas Riffle Media. It’s named after a guy named Dallas. It’s real. Genuine. Unpretentious. Other agencies think they can impress you with made up names like StrataConvexitude or downright silly ones like Playground Partners. Not us. Dallas Riffle is a guy. That’s all there is to it.

Hey, we don’t want to talk bad about other agencies. They're great people and they do great work. And that’s exactly what they’ll tell you. They’re great. Their work is great. Everything is great. See their awards for being great? Great, great, great. But don’t you really care about results?

If you can go into your annual review with your boss and say “I did great work. It was a great year. Give me a great review,” that great. Call one of our great competitors.

If your boss wants to hear that you increased sales 7% because of a spot-on customer acquisition campaign or grew your web traffic 28% thanks to razor-sharp SEO and SEM, then maybe you should call DRM. Because we focus on your results, not ours.

But here is what really infuriates us: Foosball tables.

Not the tables themselves, but those other marketing agencies that have the obligatory foosball table in their office and have to point it out on their website. “Look at us! We’re wacky! We’re fun! We play foosball at work!”

People who play foosball at work are doing it on your dime. You know what we call that? We call that bullshit. Yeah, that’s right. We said it. Not only did we say it, we said it in bold! No cartoony letters obscured by hashtags or ampersands to soften the reality of the word. We’re all adults here, right? It had to be said because it’s the truth. It’s bullshit.

We’re not trying to offend anyone here, but when other agencies claim that foosball tables create fun which creates better work than actually working, well, we just have to call b*!!@#*t. (OK, we obscured that one). Think the guys assembling Model Ts in sweltering factories were having fun? No, they worked hard to make America mobile. Think the men working in dangerous steel mills were having fun? No, they worked hard to help build America. Do you want your architect to brag about how much fun they have at work? Or your financial advisor? Or the doctor giving you a prostate exam? You pay for competence and results. Not fun.

Doing our best work for you is satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling, but it’s still work. More to the point, it’s your work, on your dime. You deserve our very best work. Not play.