How Much Does a Website Cost?

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Finding the right partner to design and develop your new website can be a complicated process. For the uninitiated, the breadth of options available can be overwhelming. How will the website be built? What content and functionality will it contain? What type of hosting plan is best suited to the site? …And of course, the […]

Let's Talk About Video...

Let’s Talk About Video…

Anyone who has used the internet in the last five or so years (we are assuming this is everyone), has probably noticed that video is everywhere. With advances in technology over the past decade, quality video content has become much more attainable for brands. Not only is video easy to share but it can also […]

DRM on Clutch

Dallas Riffle Media: Better Than Fancy

  At Dallas Riffle Media we’re down to earth and deliver world-class results. Dallas Riffle Media was founded in 2014, just a few years ago, but we’ve already made a mark on the digital design industry. We provide branding, web design, and video production services. We stand out from the masses by delivering consistent, high-quality […]

DRM at Greater Cleveland Food Bank

DRM at Greater Cleveland Food Bank

The holidays are a time of giving. Every year, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank provides over 40 million meals annually to hungry people all across Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Ashland and Richland counties. To assist them in their mission and give back to the community, DRM sent volunteers to assist in food repacking. The Greater […]

SaaS That Sucks

SaaS That Sucks – How Tech Companies Are Missing The Boat

It’s not often that we use this blog to rant. However, for this topic we’ll make an exception. Here at DRM, few things grind our gears more than poorly marketed software companies. SaaS or “Software as a Service” has become an increasingly popular business model for niche tech companies looking to turn software into a […]

CASE STUDY: Melt Bar & Grilled Meltidential Election

CASE STUDY: Melt Bar & Grilled Meltidential Election

In an oversaturated digital world, sometimes we can forget that social media is supposed to be fun. One of the best ways to leverage social media to promote your brand is to create and post content that is lighthearted and engaging. Our client Melt Bar & Grilled was looking for a way to better leverage […]

How Arby's is Winning Social Media

How Arby’s is Winning Social Media

If you happen to be one of the roughly 2.7 million people following Arby’s on Facebook, you may have recently noticed a change in their posts. While fast food restaurants typically are not known for their creativity when it comes to content marketing, the creative team at Arby’s show that you don’t need to reinvent […]

Why Video is Important (and Vital)

Why Video is Important (and Vital)

It’s no secret that streaming video has seen rapid growth over the past decade. With the debut of Youtube in 2005, digital video suddenly became something that anybody with a camera could create and upload. Because video is such a great storytelling medium, many businesses started implementing video into their online marketing strategy. While video […]

Google Possum Update

Google’s ‘Possum’ Update and How it Will Shake Up Local SEO

Sometimes trying to master Google can feel like you’re trying to gain favor with an all powerful deity. With Google constantly changing the rules of SEO, getting your business found online can be difficult for the uninitiated. With their new ‘Possum’ Update, Google has yet again changed the rules for local SEO. This new update […]