How Arby's is Winning Social Media

How Arby’s is Winning Social Media

If you happen to be one of the roughly 2.7 million people following Arby’s on Facebook, you may have recently noticed a change in their posts. While fast food restaurants typically are not known for their creativity when it comes to content marketing, the creative team at Arby’s show that you don’t need to reinvent […]

Popular Hashtags and What They Mean

Popular Hashtags and What They Mean

For those of you who do not actively use social media, the hashtag may seem like an an odd concept. A hashtag is essentially a keyword/phrase you can use to search for social media posts. While most hashtags are very straight forward, there are several that are used frequently which utilize acronyms or slang. Understanding […]

Twitter Polls

4 Reasons We Love Twitter Polls

If you have logged into your Twitter account since October 30th, you may have noticed Twitter Polls. This new feature allows all users to tweet a brief two-answer polls to their followers. While this feature is not compatible with popular social media scheduling applications such as Hootsuite, everyone here at Dallas Riffle Media believe that […]