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What is Pre-roll Advertising?

WHY PRE-ROLL ADS ROCK! You are on the internet reading this right now, so chances are you have viewed a pre-roll ad, probably within the last fifteen minutes. Pre-roll ads aren’t just for YouTube. Almost all social media has embraced the idea of video advertising. With multiple platforms to purchase space, it can seem like […]

DRM's Shawn McFadden Interviewed by

DRM’s Shawn McFadden Interviewed by

DRM’s resident digital advertising specialist, Shawn McFadden was recently interviewed for an article featured on As you may know, DRM is the creative team behind the advertising for Cleveland’s favorite gourmet grilled cheese restaurant, Melt Bar and Grilled!’s Patrick Cooley recently reached out to DRM to discuss our strategy behind using social media […]

Boost Your Social SEO with Facebook Locations

Boost Your Social SEO with Facebook Locations

While Facebook is a wonderful tool for businesses to promote themselves and connect with their customers, this popular social platform comes with its share of headaches for businesses that have multiple physical locations. As a solution to this long-standing challenge, Facebook has launched its new Locations feature, which effectively streamlines the page management process for […]

How Arby's is Winning Social Media

How Arby’s is Winning Social Media

If you happen to be one of the roughly 2.7 million people following Arby’s on Facebook, you may have recently noticed a change in their posts. While fast food restaurants typically are not known for their creativity when it comes to content marketing, the creative team at Arby’s show that you don’t need to reinvent […]

Why you Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Why you Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Many marketers thought that Facebook would be the ‘next big thing’ many years ago. While social media has definitely had its impact on the way that companies communicate with their customers, it probably has not brought in the revenue that business owners were hoping for. While keeping your brand active on social media can drive […]

Popular Hashtags and What They Mean

Popular Hashtags and What They Mean

For those of you who do not actively use social media, the hashtag may seem like an an odd concept. A hashtag is essentially a keyword/phrase you can use to search for social media posts. While most hashtags are very straight forward, there are several that are used frequently which utilize acronyms or slang. Understanding […]

Facebook Reactions

How Do Your Customers ‘React?’

Last week, Reactions was rolled out to Facebook users all over the world. This feature is Facebook’s response to the demand for a “Dislike” button. Along with “liking” a post, users can express several emotions such as love, laughter, shock, sadness and anger. While this feature was likely not added with this in mind, Reactions […]

Why You Need a Google+ Business Page

Why You Need a Google+ Business Page

While many people may see Google+ as the red-headed stepchild of the social media world, there are many benefits that make it a very viable social platform for businesses. Google+ may not have nearly as large of an active user-base compared to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter but several key features make it […]

Deadpool Burt Reynolds

How Fox Nailed Viral Marketing with ‘Deadpool’

It’s very rare that a promotional campaign comes along as creative and off the wall as the one Fox created for its upcoming movie, “Deadpool.” So-called “viral” marketing campaigns can be very difficult, because it is hard to anticipate what types of content will spread organically. Fortunately for 20th Century Fox, their marketing team launched […]

Twitter Polls

4 Reasons We Love Twitter Polls

If you have logged into your Twitter account since October 30th, you may have noticed Twitter Polls. This new feature allows all users to tweet a brief two-answer polls to their followers. While this feature is not compatible with popular social media scheduling applications such as Hootsuite, everyone here at Dallas Riffle Media believe that […]