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How to track your website’s Google ranking.

Tracking your website’s traffic and search ranking is an effective way to see if your company’s SEO is effective. A very common way that companies do this is through Google Analytics. Although Google offers amazing tools to track your own website, it doesn’t have the best tools for seeing where you stack up to the competition. This is where Alexa.com comes into play.

Alexa is a website that tracks relative popularity of every website on Google. For instance, Google is ranked #1, Facebook is #2, Youtube is #3 and so on. Alexa uses a sample source from a data panel that consists of millions of users to track the number of visitors on all websites on the internet. This can be a useful metric to help measure your Google ranking versus your competitors.

SEO Quake is a good tool that can help you actively track your Alexa ranking as well as several other useful metrics. SEO Quake even has an SEO diagnosis function that will tell you how your site can be better optimized for search.

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