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Does Your Company Need A Tagline?

While your name and logo add to your company’s brand identity, they do not always properly convey about your business’ function or culture. What does your company do? What are your corporate philosophies? What makes your business unique? What is your brand’s “voice?” These are questions that can be answered with a quality tagline.

So what is a tagline? A tagline is a short phrase that is used in advertising. Typically a tagline is a memorable, short phrase that customers will associate with your brand. For example, take the iconic tagline “Think Different” once used by Apple. This slogan was engineered to differentiate Apple from other technology companies at the time such as Microsoft or Intel, who had previously had a rather stale brand image. It was meant to show that Apple intended to be innovators by going against several industry norms. This tagline also helped to make them more relatable to the general public in a time when computers were not as widely accepted as they are today.

How to create an effective tagline for your company

It is important to think about your ideal customer and design messaging that will appeal to them. A tagline that is too broad can actually alienate people and dilute your brand message. For example, take Juicy Juice. They have a tagline “100% juice for 100% kids.” This is obviously meant to target children as well as parents looking for health options for their children. If they opted for a message that was more broad such as “Beverage solutions for everyone,” it would not be nearly as appealing to the market they are targeting.

Taglines can also be used to identify what your company does better than your competition. This can be seen with FedEx and their “The world on time” tagline which highlights the punctuality of their shipping services. Along with differentiating factors, a tagline can also focus on a specific attitude or feeling. “Flick my Bic” was a popular tongue-in-cheek-style tagline which brought some humor to Bic’s advertising. Adjustable bed manufacturer Sleep Number uses a clever double entendre in their tagline “Know Better Sleep,” which takes on two levels of meaning based on whether you’re hearing or reading it.

The tagline is not only important from a branding perspective, but is also an integral tool that your agency (hint, hint) will employ in major marketing efforts such as website content. It will be woven throughout the site’s text and will act to reinforce your brand’s desired market position. It is the plot of the brand story.

Intelligent and targeted messaging can make a night and day difference in building trust between you and your customers. Do you need help with your advertising? Look no further than Dallas Riffle Media. We service clients in the Greater Cleveland area and beyond. Give us a call at (216) 245-0835 or send us an email at info@dallasriffle.com to set up a free consultation.

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