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How to Increase Email Open-Rates

Email can be an incredibly affective way to share content and connect with your clients and prospects. Using an email campaign for marketing purposes are often referred to as an “email blast.” We personally like to discourage this word, because it gives the connotation that an email campaign should be one broad attempt at reaching as many people as possible. Approaching an email campaign with this method in mind will most likely lead to poor open and clickthrough rates. Instead of a shotgun blast, think of your email campaign as a sniper rifle. Your objective should be to send out an email that will catch your prospect’s attention, establish a report and turn them into a lead. Below we have some ways that can help you increase the success of your next email campaign.

Segment Your Lists

Sending out content that will be relevant to your subscribers is key to having a proper response. Depending on the look of your customer-base, sending out one general email can come off as impersonal and may be a turn off for some. Creating segmented lists can greatly increase how well your campaigns do. Does you company serve both residential and commercial customers? Create separate lists for each and customize your content accordingly. Do you serve multiple industries? Create separate lists and create industry specific content. The more relevant your information, the higher your likelihood of success.

Send from a Person

Big business can scare off some consumers. When they see an email from a company or brand, they sometimes will automatically write it off as SPAM. Generally, someone will be more likely to open an email that comes from a person rather than a business. According to data from Hubspot, emails using their company name only had a .73% CTR. When sending an email from an employee, their CTR jumped up to .96%. While a more personal touch won’t always increase in response, it definitely can make a big impact.

Choosing the Right Time

When crafting an email campaign, choosing the proper time to deploy it can have a huge impact on your final results. Depending on who you are targeting, you have to take their daily routines into account when choosing a proper day and time. We have found that generally weekdays work the best for sending out emails since most people are busy during the weekend. Mondays are usually not ideal either since people usually are just getting back into their weekly routine and are busier than they will be during the middle of the week. Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays have historically been the best days to send out emails. The hours between 9AM and 3PM have proved to be the ideal timeframe for an email campaign. Keep in mind that these days and times are a general guideline and you should still consider your prospect’s daily schedules when choosing a time to deploy.

Unfortunately not every company has enough time to create their own email campaign in house. This is where Dallas Riffle Media can help. We offer an easy to use email marketing platform along with content curation and template design services. We offer free consultations to help guide your company in the right direction. For more information about how we can help grow your business, you can visit our website. To set up a free marketing consultation, you can call us at (216) 245-0835 or send us an email at info@dallasriffle.com.

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