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Popular Hashtags and What They Mean

For those of you who do not actively use social media, the hashtag may seem like an an odd concept. A hashtag is essentially a keyword/phrase you can use to search for social media posts. While most hashtags are very straight forward, there are several that are used frequently which utilize acronyms or slang. Understanding these hashtags can help your company better use them to grow your social following and join in on popular conversations. Here are the meanings behind several hashtags your company could be using.

  • #TBT – Throwback Thursday. This is used when posting photos from the past. Perfect for posting pictures from the early years of your company.
  • #L4L – Like for Like. This is an offer on Instagram to exchange pictures likes.
  • #F4F – Similar to #L4L except with followers. Keep in mind that followers gained this way will be less likely to become a customer.
  • #igers – This simply means “Instagrammers” or people who use Instagram.
  • #nofilter – Photos with this hashtag typically are completely organic and have no camera filter.
  • #HT – This means “hat tip” and is used as an endorsement of the content being posted.
  • #RT – Simply stands for retweet, which is the name of the share feature on Twitter.
  • #MT – Stands for “modified tweet” and is used when you paraphrase from a tweet on Twitter.
  • #CLE – This is a popular hashtag that means Cleveland.

These are only a few examples of the many, many hashtags that are part of the common [social] vernacular. Along with hashtags that are typically used to target consumers, there are also many hashtags that are useful for businesses. Here are a list of some hashtags that are great for B2B companies to increase their social reach.

  • #success
  • #B2B
  • #business
  • #discount
  • #tech
  • #social
  • #branding
  • #deal
  • #smallbiz

If you are feeling creative, do not hesitate to create your own hashtag or try to hijack and existing one. Not only are hashtags great for getting your content seen but they are also useful when generating user created content. For instance, if you want to hold a customer photo contest, a hashtag can make it easy to collect the content generated by this campaign. When cross promoted within your other marketing channels, hashtags can be a powerful tool for bolstering your social media marketing. Just be sure not to overuse hashtags, as that tends to turn off your followers. A good rule of thumb is to use 1-2 hashtags per social post.

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