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Why you Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Many marketers thought that Facebook would be the ‘next big thing’ many years ago. While social media has definitely had its impact on the way that companies communicate with their customers, it probably has not brought in the revenue that business owners were hoping for. While keeping your brand active on social media can drive some organic interaction, it is hard to quantify. Simply putting out a post on your company Facebook page isn’t necessarily going to sell more products or get your sales team more leads. This is where Facebook ads come into place. While Facebook can be an incredibly valuable tool for your marketing team, without a proper strategy and budget results are likely to be disappointing. Here are some reasons why you should integrate Facebook ads into your digital marketing strategy:

Low Organic Reach

When Facebook first debuted “Fan Pages” in 2007, businesses could easily reach a large percentage of their followers with a simple post. Unfortunately, with the change of Facebook’s search algorithms in 2012, the organic reach of business pages dropped from 16% to around 6.5% (Research from Social@Ogilvy). Facebook’s response to this lack of organic reach is the ability to boost, or basically throw money at your posts. The sad truth is that if you want to reach your customers, you have to use Facebook ads.

Reaching Non-Followers

One handy tool of Facebook ads are the ability to target those who do not currently follow your page. This means that the reach for your ads can be as large as you would like. Facebook even allows you to create a campaign specifically to gain more ‘likes’ for your page. This ability to target non-followers greatly increases the power of this platform and makes it perfect for smaller companies with a small social presence.

Advanced Targeting

We don’t mean to alarm those who are afraid of “big brother” but Facebook knows a lot of information about its users. So it is no surprise that Facebook allows advertisers to use this information for targeting purposes. Are you looking to target 25-45 men who are married with a toddler and work as electricians? You can do it! What about 16-25 year old women who are vegan and follow Lady Gaga? You can do this as well. You can even exclude people who like certain pages. These demographic filters allow you to get very granular with your targeting which makes Facebook advertising an incredibly powerful platform.

Track Conversions

Not only are Facebook’s targeting options powerful but it also lets you set a specific goal for your campaign. This allows you to more easily track conversions. Looking to get clicks to your website? What about installs for your new mobile app? You can even get people to claim an office or view your product catalogue. These options allow you to craft a campaign that will suit your needs.

While Facebook advertising is generally easy to implement, without a proper strategy in mind, your budget can be easily wasted. Our digital advertising specialists at DRM can craft you a strategy that will make the most of your budget. We are headquartered in Cleveland, OH but work with clients all across the country. For a free consultation, you can give us a call at (216) 245-0835 or send us a quick email. For more information, visit our website.

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