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What is the Pyramid of Marketing?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t put the cart before the horse?” This idiom is commonly used to tell people to not do things out of order. As is true with most aspects of business, there is a certain order that the foundational elements of a marketing strategy should ideally be implemented. However, this is commonly not how it plays out for small business owners, the majority of whom do not have an internal marketing department at their disposal. Time after time, we have observed business owners who feel compelled to jump into marketing with both feet but without a plan… and they typically see less than stellar results. In order to reinforce the proper order in which a marketing strategy should be implemented, the marketing experts at DRM have created a concept that we like to call the Pyramid of Marketing.

Just like the Food Pyramid which attempts to organize and give priority to different types of food and place them into a more balanced diet, the Pyramid of Marketing was created to demonstrate how different parts of a marketing plan can be organized into logical phases or marketing “food groups”. Each phase contains tactics that help to strengthen the tactics in the phases above it. Starting with the phases towards the bottom and working your way up the pyramid will help to strengthen the effectiveness of your overall marketing plan and will direct you towards the goal that lies at the top of the pyramid. Think of each of the marketing “food groups” as “building blocks” that lead to a healthy marketing “diet” for your brand.

Which tactics go into each marketing “food group” will differ depending on your industry, but the five main phases remain: the Strategic Phase, Branding Phase, Inbound Phase, Outbound Phase and the Goal. These phases were designed to cover the research / discovery, brand building, inbound marketing and outbound marketing tasks that typically make up a marketing strategy. As we mentioned previously, each step on the pyramid helps to strengthen what comes next. For instance, it’s easier to design branding best suited for your target audience if you have done the proper research to know what that audience would find appealing. Consider that it’s easier to create a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) campaign if you have a well-designed landing page to send leads to when they click on your ad. The power of the Pyramid of Marketing is its ability to help you plan the implementation of your marketing strategy for the best possible results.

This is just a small sample of how the Pyramid of Marketing can be used to help your brand plan out your marketing strategy. Make sure to visit again soon, as we’ll be covering each phase in-depth in future articles. If your brand needs help creating a marketing plan, give the marketing experts at DRM a call at (330) 274-7658 or send us an email. DRM is a full-service marketing agency based out of Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on how we can help grow your brand, visit our website.

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