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The Video Marketing Funnel

These days, it seems almost anyone who’s anyone is making video content. But, not all video is created equal, and often times clients struggle with what type of video to make. I often hear “check out this cool video idea, let’s do something like that.” Or, “I want to create a video I can repurpose as a commercial and a training video”. Don’t let the creative get in the way of your goal, and don’t let the tempting idea of an all-purpose video water your message down to nothing. As business owners are quite aware there is a marketing funnel that, if followed, should lead to increased sales. Here at Dallas Riffle Media, we took that a step further and applied it to video marketing. Video is here to stay, so where do you begin? The easy answer is to use video as a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Don’t think of it as a single part of your process, instead, think of how you can implement video into your entire strategy. Video can act as a brand ambassador, sales team, customer service, storefront and much more when used properly.

Awareness: This is the opening of the funnel, and its purpose is to collect as much information as possible. The Video content used here is meant to enforce branding. Coke-A-Cola and Dos Equis are examples of companies that do this really well. Upon saying both of those brand names, I am sure their visuals instantly popped into your head. Good top-of-the-funnel content focuses on the emotional value, the story, and often does not mention the brand name until the very end. It associates the product or service with positive feelings and memorable visuals. This type of video needs to be able to stand out since, for the most part, you will have no control over who views it or how. A mother in a doctor’s waiting room on her phone or a college student studying with the tv on in the background are all instances someone might view this content. As the funnel suggests when done well, they will trickle down further into the…

Interest: Once interest is piqued, a potential customer will seek out readily available information. The first stops are often news outlets and your website home page. Consider the brand, Apple. On their home page, each product has a “product film” as they call them. These well-executed videos are very stylish presentations giving viewers the information they are seeking. Moving further down the website Apple uses copy, in conjunction with video content, to show off the company culture and values. This makes the company more than just an entity, it gives it personality.

Consideration: Once someone has already viewed your website or your storefront, what is the next move and how can video help? A follow up with a custom-made email is a great way to reach people. Even better, would be including a video in that email. Adding video into your email increases open and click-through rates by up to 75 percent. Don’t just send them to a YouTube link, but create a custom landing page that has an explainer video. In this video, you can relay just what makes your good or service better than the competition. The explainer video can show you real-world applications, building a trust factor with the viewer. Instead of telling someone in boring text how your product can solve their problem, show them!

Evaluation: 72% of people will read or watch reviews before purchases, especially online purchases. In this stage of the funnel, you should create and engage with online communities centered in your industry. Great examples of companies doing this successfully are Sephora and Sony PlayStation. Each of these companies directly involves their community by using online video platforms, like YouTube and Instagram. Sephora creates great personal testimonial videos of professional makeup and hair stylists recommending their products. In addition, they send products to third party reviewers, creating a loop of video content that informs potential customers. Sony also has its own YouTube channel that contains interviews with company team members, new product announcements and stories centered on their industry. Their YouTube channel also acts as a hub for fans to communicate. Creating these types of communities using video should lead to more organic interest for your brand and ultimately, increase sales.

Purchase: After purchase, the best thing a company can do is offer support to a customer so that they will return. Webinars are a great way to stay in contact with customers and keep them up to date. How-to videos can be a great way to educate customers on how to get the most out of their purchase. These tools strengthen your relationship with a customer, ideally resulting in repeat business.

The video funnel was created to show all the different ways that you can creatively use video to bolster your marketing. At Dallas Riffle Media, we have seen how video-marketing trends have evolved, and while the style and delivery methods for may change, the steps in great video marketing won’t. High-quality video content at each step of the funnel conveys a sense of professionalism and confidence that your company is worth doing business with. Our philosophy is don’t make a video just to watch, make a video that starts a conversation.

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