Dallas Riffle Media

Meet DRM’s New Project Proofing System, Reviewstudio!

We are excited to announce that beginning this month, DRM has partnered with ReviewStudio, an online proofing system which will streamline our review and approval process for photos, videos, printed materials, web sites and more.

ReviewStudio is designed to centralize feedback and keep our team and your team on the same page. More importantly, it will eliminate the need for email chains and attachments! With ReviewStudio, all contributors will be able to follow progress, mark up and add comments to a project proof from any device, in real time.

This new tool will increase efficiency and ensure all project changes are completed quickly to your specifications. With ReviewStudio, each contributor can:

  • Markup and comment on images, videos, PDFs and web pages from any device.
  • Keep track of version changes with side-by-side comparisons.
  • Use attachments to add reference files to any comment.
  • Bring all feedback together with collaborative discussion threads.
  • Review your projects independently or collaboratively with live reviews.

Check out our ReviewStudio video introduction. For any questions on ReviewStudio, please reach out to any member of the DRM team!

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