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Snackable Marketing Content: Delicious and Great for Your Brand!

Who doesn’t love a tasty, delicious snack? Marketers love snacks too, and by that, we mean snackable marketing content that is both engaging and easy to digest, and as a delectable bonus, is powerful fuel for your brand.
But first, let’s dive deeper into what snackable content is.
Snackable content is short, to the point, easily understood, and can be quickly consumed and shared. It is often creative, humorous, or visually engaging and always supports a brand’s main message, or a marketing campaign’s theme.
Most importantly, snackable marketing content creates a connection between a brand and its audience quickly and effectively.
You already probably have great marketing content (marketing meals), such as
  • white papers
  • case studies
  • brochures
  • presentations
  • etc.
Snackable content takes those meals and breaks them down into bite size snacks, creating more content for your audience to interact with and drive them to your website, download a full version of the content, or contact you for more info.
Snackable content has become more relevant to brands because it is crucial to engage with your prospects and customers quickly. As we spend more and more time online, our attention span gets shorter because of the instant gratification the Internet provides. In fact, the goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds, and according to research by Microsoft, human beings lose focus after only eight seconds!
Long-form content is great and will always have a place in your marketing mix, but snackable content can be quickly seen and understood even as someone is casually online surfing or scrolling through their social media feeds.
Makes sense, right? When you scroll through your LinkedIn feed, don’t the images and videos jump out at you? When you see an especially incredible image or video, don’t you usually share it with your connections? That’s exactly what snackable content is meant to do: grab your attention and be easily shared.
Your audience is much more likely to engage with visually attractive short-form snackable content and it can reach more people than content with no images or video. Make a connection with your audience and they’ll share your content and be an unpaid evangelist and ambassador for your brand!
Now, 3 tips to help make well done snackable content (or medium rare, if you prefer).

Get to the Point!

Think of snackable content as that sample of teriyaki chicken at the food court – in a single bite, the audience will get a taste and think, “Yum! I want more!” You only have seconds to clearly communicate the message so get to the “why” right away.
Put yourself in your audience’s shoes – what is it you want them to know or do after they engage with your content? If your content does that, winner winner chicken dinner!

Being Small is Big!

Repurpose your long-form content – blogs, testimonials, case studies, infographics – as snackables by breaking it into single elements so they can be shared on social media.
And make sure your snackable content is interesting: visually appealing, entertaining, informative, or humorous.

Optimize it for Mobile!

People overwhelmingly use social media on their mobile devices so make sure your snackable content is optimized for mobile. That means images and videos can be easily read on smartphones and tablets, increasing engagement and social sharing.
Hopefully now you’re a snackable content believer, so here are 6 examples that you can use to amplify the connections you make with your audience:

Video Shorts

Use your existing video assets as quick hitting shorts or reels to communicate a single message. Maybe it’s a product feature, or a quarterly campaign, or even a short “how to” video. Engaging :15 second videos are amazing brand builders!

Kinetic Text Videos

Turn your existing written content into more visually engaging content with short kinetic text videos. Just pick out one key topic from a blog post, testimonial, or marketing collateral and make it more digestible. Then, post on social media and promote it again (and again, and again, because snackable content lends itself to repetition, and the more ways you can communicate your message through different visuals and media types, the more it resonates with your audience and is remembered!)

Graphic or Pull Quotes

Reinforce your brand messaging with quotes. For example, if your brand offers a fun family experience, pairing a quote like “Follow your dreams. Just make sure to have fun too” with your logo will quickly tell your audience your brand “why.” Static graphics can also be used for quotes from your brand, leadership, or customers.

5,000 word blog post full of stats and theories
Snackable post

Animated Gifs

See how impactful an image can be at communicating an idea? Humans are visual creatures – take advantage of it!


Memes are viral pieces of snackable content that, like the animated GIF, help support your brand mission – IF, and only if, you do it right. You’ve probably seen this meme used 100 different ways: Well, here’s number 101: A 3 second read can create a powerful brand impression.


Infographics can be engaging on their own, but sometimes breaking them down into small pieces is a smart idea. Take one small section of the infographic and use it on its own, as a social post, or combine several into a carousel post. Doing so makes your topic easy to digest, and when you link to the original infographic, drives traffic to your website.

There you have it. Snackable content is a powerful and brand building tactic when used creatively and responsibility.
If you have content but need the holistic marketing content experience to create your snackable content, DRM can help. Or, if you’re starting from scratch, our creative collaborators will help you create a content strategy with impactful and effective long- and short-form content that helps connect your brand to your audience and that ties your entire marketing strategy together.

DRM is a full-service marketing agency that uses creativity to connect your brand to your audience and help your business grow. We were founded to do what we are passionate about: Putting creativity to work and connecting brands to their audience, connecting audiences to your company goals, and connecting your business to the success it deserves.

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