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Responding to Negative Online Reviews

Websites like Google and Yelp are used by millions to research companies before they make a purchase. Not only do reviews about your company show up when people research your company online but they also can show up on search. While a positive reviews can bring in a lot of new business, negative reviews can do a great deal of harm and draw business away. Little do many business owners know, using the proper techniques for responding to negative reviews can not only help to correct mistakes your company may be making but can also show your customers that your company cares.

While nobody likes to hear negative comments about their business, keeping a cool head and responding to any negative feedback positively and tactfully is the best course of action. When responding, identify yourself to give the response a more personal touch. For example, start by saying something long the lines of, “Hello, My name is ______ and I am the manager/owner of ______.” Make a sincere apology and invite them back so you can correct the situation. “I am very sorry about your mixed experience. We strive to give every customer the best service possible. Please contact me directly so we can talk about how we can give you a better experience.” Offer your direct contact information so the customer has an outlet to resolve their issue. This will open the lines of communication and show the customer that the company is willing to fix their mistake. Of course, if you feel that your company is at not at fault, do not be afraid to humbly explain your company’s side of the story. Just be sure to research why this incident may have happened before replying.

The main objective to replying to an online review is to hopefully change the mind of the person who left it. While you may not be able to always get the customer to change the review, replying will still show others that your company takes customer service very seriously and can often negate the negative effects of the review itself. If you respond to reviews promptly and humbly, you can help to prevent more negative reviews in the future. Do not hesitate to respond to positive reviews as well so show your customers that your company listens to all feedback.

Many other online business directories allow customers to post reviews about companies so it is a good idea to claim these profiles so they are easier to manage. Not only will optimizing these profiles help build your company’s online presence but it will give your website some much needed backlinks which will help with SEO. If your company needs help with managing your online reputation, Dallas Riffle Media is here to help. We are a full-service Cleveland-based marketing agency that can cater to any of your business’ needs. Give us a call at (216) 245-0835 for a free consultation on how to effectively grow your business.

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