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How Do Your Customers ‘React?’

Last week, Reactions was rolled out to Facebook users all over the world. This feature is Facebook’s response to the demand for a “Dislike” button. Along with “liking” a post, users can express several emotions such as love, laughter, shock, sadness and anger. While this feature was likely not added with this in mind, Reactions add some added depth to Facebook Analytics which can give some useful information on customer feelings and opinions.

While follows were always able to react positively to posts with the ‘like’ feature, Reactions allow people to respond in a much more diverse way. “Love” offers your followers to show great passion for a post. If this person commonly reacts this way to your company’s posts, this may be a good lead to pass along to your sales team. Along with the addition of more positive responses to posts, the new sad or angry responses can highlight some pain points of your customers. Think of these reactions as a kind of mini online review. If posts about a certain products or service receive this kind of feedback, this can show that these topics may not be popular with your customers. While analytics for this new feature are relatively limited, it is still important to monitor this new feature so your company can gain as much actionable data from it as possible.

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