How Much Does a Website Cost?

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Finding the right partner to design and develop your new website can be a complicated process. For the uninitiated, the breadth of options available can be overwhelming. How will the website be built? What content and functionality will it contain? What type of hosting plan is best suited to the site? …And of course, the […]

Why Video is Important (and Vital)

Why Video is Important (and Vital)

It’s no secret that streaming video has seen rapid growth over the past decade. With the debut of Youtube in 2005, digital video suddenly became something that anybody with a camera could create and upload. Because video is such a great storytelling medium, many businesses started implementing video into their online marketing strategy. While video […]

Google Possum Update

Google’s ‘Possum’ Update and How it Will Shake Up Local SEO

Sometimes trying to master Google can feel like you’re trying to gain favor with an all powerful deity. With Google constantly changing the rules of SEO, getting your business found online can be difficult for the uninitiated. With their new ‘Possum’ Update, Google has yet again changed the rules for local SEO. This new update […]

How Are People Finding Your Website?

How Are People Finding Your Website?

Web traffic is a funny thing. When creating a website, it is hard to imagine how many different ways there are for people to find it. Whether its organic search, social media, paid search or listing directories, there are so many different ways someone can be directed to your site. Knowing where your website traffic […]

Google Adwords' New Integration with Maps

Google Adwords’ New Integration with Maps

The folks over at Google have once again proven that they are not afraid to shake up how their PPC advertising platform can be used, assuming you know its ins and outs. Along with their recent beta for the Adwords redesign, they have also added a new feature that local marketers will want to take […]

Why You Need a Google+ Business Page

Why You Need a Google+ Business Page

While many people may see Google+ as the red-headed stepchild of the social media world, there are many benefits that make it a very viable social platform for businesses. Google+ may not have nearly as large of an active user-base compared to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter but several key features make it […]

Optimizing Your Google Adwords

Three CPC Hacks for Your Adwords Account

According to DMR, Google Ads in the first position have a 27.7% clickthrough rate on mobile and 19.3% on desktop. Even if your page is not fully SEO optimized, paid search is a very effective tool for boosting your company to the top of the SERP if you are willing to set aside the necessary […]

Claim Your Online Listings

How To Optimize Your Online Listings

In a previous post we previously touched upon some essential business directories and how to claim them. As we have already talked about, claiming and optimizing online business directories can give your company an SEO boost and will help you come up more frequently on search. One way to track the effectiveness of your efforts […]

Responsive Website

Why your company needs a [responsive] website.

Let’s face it: Mobile has officially exploded. Smartphone usage is at an all time high and businesses everywhere are trying to adapt their current marketing efforts to target mobile-focused customers. According to a report from Smart Insights, 20% of all Google searches are done on a mobile device. This shows an extremely rapid adoption rate […]